Friday, June 12, 2009

Flying with children.

Ben keeps telling me that it's my turn to that naptime is here, I think that it will be my last chance for awhile because tomorrow....We fly to Washington! Everyone in our house is Very excited...well, maybe not Carter so much...but he would be if he understood. The kids are good travelers. I drove the kids to my parents house a few weeks ago. It was a 9 and a half hour trip and the kids were champs! We didn't even have a dvd player! So, I feel like they will do well on the plane trip too! Ben and I can both give the kids full attention, and I am going to pack some fun little activity bags for each of them. Of course, you know, they will probably end up just playing with napkins or a package of peanuts or something anyway. =) I read the list of annoying flyers from a flight attendant's point of view. (on the yahoo home page yesterday). The only thing I saw that I learned from was "leave the dry cereal at home". Hmm...are goldfish and animal crackers ok? We'll be sure to pick up the ones that don't make it in their mouths. Of course, if they fall on the floor and get stepped on...I guess that would call for a dustbuster....So do any of our readers have tips on flying with children?
Hmm...not so sure why this is all underlined. I thought I would post a few pics of the kids, and finish up my packing!

Bike riding!


Kate Loves dress up! Here she is leaning in to give her "prince" a kiss.

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  1. Good luck. I don't have too much advice seeing as I've never done this before. But one thing I do know, my mom always tells me, is when you're taking off or landing, make sure the kids are drinking something or licking a lollipop or something so that they are swallowing a lot and their ears won't hurt them as much. :-) Can't wait to hear how it goes.